Chagall has three music projects in different genres: Chagall Sierra, Kirrivath, and Wingspell. All of these projects have the common thread of Chagall’s celestial voice, but also similar lyrical themes, even though musically each project has it’s own sound.

Chagall Sierra

Performs mostly acoustic covers of Celtic, Folk, and Love Songs. Usually sung acapella or with simple yet mystical acoustic instruments such as Celtic Harp, Classical Guitar, or Singing Bowl. For this she also plays Tin Whistle and hand percussion.


Mystic World Fusion music inspired by various cultures and childhood fantasy. Originally called Between the Worlds, this project was renamed and revived in 2013. The first album was released in 2003 and an experimental fantasy soundtrack EP was released in 2015. Currently working on the next album. Beginning to perform some pieces live thanks to the wonders of technology!


Gothic Renaissance Rocktronica. This is equally mystical and atmospheric as her other works, however with a slightly darker feel, ranging from darkwave into metal. The current demo is terrible because the audio quality of the recording was really not good. The goal in 2017 is to bring you a much better demo! To perform this live would require a band.