Music Community

Proud member of GoGirls Music, the best gathering of independent women musicians in the world. We’re supportive and helpful of each other, promoting each other’s work on social media, encouraging, and sharing tips on how to make it as an indie musician in our weekly Twitter chats. (All are welcome to the chats.)

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Fan Community

I have the best fans in the world. Some of these wonderful people stuck by me through decades of struggle, and times when I didn’t even have a roof over my head much less the ability to record songs for them to enjoy. They still believed in me. You can join the Free community on Facebook, or the Angel community on Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Music is being devalued and Patreon allows fans and supporters to enable creators like me to continue making an income for our work. If Basic Income existed in Canada I’d be fine so until that happens I rely on Arts Patrons like you. The more I get through that, the more I can devote to recording songs and making music videos.

Would love to support you but just don’t have even $1 a month how can I help?

That’s great! Thank you. There are absolutely ways to support that don’t cost you anything, or just a one-time cost:

  • Subscribe to the email newsletter and share your free downloads with friends and family who might like this type of music
  • Follow on Twitter and retweet as much as you can – my personal Twitter, Paperbag Empress Records Twitter, Kirrivath’s Twitter, Wingspell’s Twitter
  • Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for Paperbag Empress Records
  • Buy/Download the music (sometimes completely free due to Patron support): Chagall Sierra, Kirrivath, Wingspell
  • You can still follow on Patreon and like and share the free music and artwork I post there

Thank you!