Known as “Voice of an Angel” for her ethereal, celestial soprano, Chagall Sierra is also a composer, actor, and advocate. She’s been singing since before she could talk and knew at a very early age that her mission on Earth involved music.

Twitter bio: “As a child got beaten up for singing. Still singing. Occasionally get paid for singing. Take that, bullies!”

Voice of an Angel

Known as “Voice of an Angel” for her ethereal, light, celestial soprano, Chagall Sierra is also a true Renaissance woman. Composer, music producer, actor, model, advocate and social entrepreneur.

She considers her voice to be a gift from Heaven, one to be cultivated, and used to heal. An accident of genetics, yet taken with respect, humility, and gratitude it can be developed into a reminder of the divinity in all of us. Even as a child her voice held that otherworldly quality, the haunting beauty that made people cry. She was beaten up for it by one classmate, even while all the other children begged her to keep singing. She stopped singing in public for a long time, but continued to sing for the trees, flowers, and birds. Eventually she joined a choir and took part in local musical theatre shows.

Years of many choirs have honed her voice as an instrument, yet she has never had the opportunity to take lessons. Her voice is ultimately from the Folk tradition and not from the Operatic tradition. Now she is an Official TTC Subway Musician, performing songs of nature and love to daily commuters in Toronto. She’s addicted to chocolate and to healthy smoothies.

Composer and Lyricist

Chagall is her real name – as she likes to tell it: “Both my parents are weird, so they named me after an artist.” The artist in question of course, is Marc Chagall, the Russian painter. The unusual name led to her always standing out as “different” growing up, and that led to being bullied so severely that her mother had to pull her out of school to be home educated.

“As a child I was beaten up for singing, it was too powerful for one of the other kids to handle and he managed to not only get other kids to bully me as well, but also the teachers and administration. It was hell. Eventually, I escaped into a fantasy world, where I was entrusted to rule a country called Kirrivath. This country informed a lot of my life philosophy, teaching me some very practical lessons that were not being taught in the real world, and has since inspired much of my creativity – a permanent muse.”

Chagall’s creative work is inspired by fairytale, myth, legend, nature, and fantasy. At the same time, it’s personal and down-to-earth, speaking from an experience of life that’s a little different, the outsider perspective of someone who has seen both sides of power, and lived through deep spiritual lessons in two worlds.

Personal Story

Prior to 2013 I was a busker, featured on Style by Jury in 2009. (As Chagall Ehret.) They encouraged me to follow the dream of a concert career, however it was not to be. Soon after the show aired I moved into permanent housing and became very sick. I was just so tired all the time. The building is a sick building (old, with toxic residues from smoke and chemicals built up in the walls,) and after a lifetime of malnutrition due to lack of family support at an early age, my system just couldn’t deal with it. As I became more and more ill it became increasingly difficult to take care of myself, which made it increasingly difficult to eat healthy on the low amount for food given by assistance.

Someone gave me a harp because he believed so strongly in my talent, but I became so sick I couldn’t even lift my arms long enough to tune it. Even then, I didn’t *look* sick.


What I have is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) which means that I react to common toxic chemicals most people don’t react to immediately. They’ll still react – these chemicals are proven to cause cancer, brain damage, and respiratory difficulties! I can be fine one minute then barely capable of standing up the next depending on exposures to these substances. The worst culprits are cigarette additives, marijuana, and perfumes hidden in fabric softeners. I may have Lyme disease as well, since people who get Lyme often develop MCS and have various “unexplainable” symptoms which follow a progression after the tick bite. My symptoms have followed this progression since I was 9 years old, however the only somewhat accurate test in North America is in California! It would be very expensive just to get tested.

God Restored Me

When I could barely stand up long enough to do dishes, cook, or take care of daily things, I prayed to the Creator at the end of February 2013. I said “God, take this death from me because I know you have a purpose for my life.” He answered by sending people to help me. Since then I’ve been growing stronger every day. In the summer of 2014 I became strong enough to play flute and harp for a few of Toronto’s wonderful festivals! I’m so grateful to be alive.

As of late 2015, I was accepted into the prestigious TTC Subway Musicians program in Toronto, as one of 75 world-class musicians licensed to busk for daily commuters. I’ve also released 2 demos and an EP for different musical projects, and started a virtual record label, Paperbag Empress Records.

Unfortunately, at Christmas of 2015, I broke a front tooth, and another one followed in early 2016. Instead of being able to focus on growing my business I was suddenly looking at over $30,000 just to get to the starting line all over again. Not only that, but people were giving less because the broken teeth looked awful and I couldn’t talk properly anymore. People were recoiling from me instead of being happy to see me. However I’d already started my business so I had to try to make it fly, no matter what.

Now, in 2017, I am still trying to raise money for dental surgery while struggling to keep a roof over my head and dealing with recurring vomiting due to the infection. However the home studio is set up, and much better demo songs are on the way!

I’m still singing. My heart will always sing of the Creator’s glory.