Miracle for Musician

Miracle for Musician

Help Chagall get back to playing flute professionally! (Skip to Miracle for Musician description, or just read updates.)

Chagall needs an estimated $30,000 in dental work in order to play flute again for her job as a busker, and $36,000 total to make up for the loss of income.
Any donation is appreciated!

$5 or more – A free download of her meditative world fusion album
$20 or more – a special secret reward, either digitally or with your mailing address

Update 8: April 28, 2016

Some thank yous and reward gifts went out today. So many of you are refusing the special gift due to the mailing costs. I appreciate that too. Will do something extra special in digital form for you folks!

Moved fundraising to my own personal website due to the lack of response from GoFundMe. It’s easier to keep track on their site but I guess now I will only have paypal fees so that works better. $285 raised so far which is far more than I expected. Will add donations to the GoFundMe page in “offline donations” mode and keep updating there as well just because it’s simpler to tally. Thank you all!

Update 7: April 28, 2016

Still no response from GoFundMe about why they think my account is hacked and why ONLY this campaign is on hold if my ACCOUNT is hacked – the popular, publicized one but not the one I set up for Lyme testing!

I’ve asked them why they think my account is hacked because for that to happen my computer and phone must have been hacked as well and I would need to get law enforcement involved on my end.


Wondering why this campaign is being harassed. Especially since most of the people donating are people I know in REAL LIFE and have thanked IN PERSON or by text, not just by email.

This is completely crazy and I’m looking at crowdfunding alternatives at this point due to the lack of response to my emails and lack of phone number to call them and sort things out.

Thank you again for your support!

Update 6: April 26, 2016

Hi, please do NOT donate right now, something very weird going on with GoFundMe.

I received an email from them that my funds are on hold due to “a message from an attempted scammer” however I never received such a message AND when I replied they are demanding gov ID and have some basic details WRONG about my account!

My funds are on hold however I’m not sure I’m emailing with the right organization to clear it up.

Thank you again for all the support!

Update 5: April 26, 2016

Whoa! Thank you so much for all the support! Some of your thank you gifts are going out tomorrow, others are delayed a bit.

Update 4: April 20, 2016

Did NOT get an extraction today. Just an xray – and made a plan to get 3 teeth out of the 5 immediate broken gumline emergency ones over the next 3 months.

One bit at a time eh. However those should be covered, which will reduce overall amount to raise by $400 per covered tooth.


5 teeth still in state of emergency, plus looks like career will be delayed at least 3 years. Might sell flute for an extra wisdom tooth extraction, then when can work again buy a new beauty.

Can’t get temporary free dentures now because would need more new dentures before 5 years from now as more teeth get extracted and free ones are only every 5 years.

Will still look like a vagabond and face prejudice in my line of work for at least 3 years. Oh well, nobody ever said being a Troubadour Minstrel would be easy.


Have a lot of chicken thighs in the freezer that need cooking up and eating before freezerburn. Can strain off the broth and freeze for later. Better preparation for the multiple extractions needed. Bonus.


Can put off buying $50 protein powder to mix into smoothies and juices until just before first extraction.


Update 3: April 19, 2016

People keep telling me their stories about how they lost teeth. All their stories are way cooler than mine: Fighting off attempted robbery, bar fights, contact sports, spectacular ice falls, alien abductions…

Me: I was eating. At my grandma’s.


Anyway, having a few “last meals” of real food while I can still chew on a couple of the back teeth.

Attempting to get some extractions covered as emergency later this week. Doubt they’ll do everything needed because that would take surgery and even emergency surgery is NOT covered.

Haven’t yet raised enough to get it all out.

Dental estimate:

$600 per impacting wisdom tooth (x4) = $2,400
$400 per regular tooth (x25 – already have a few taken out) = $10,000
Anaesthetic $90-800 depending on nitrous oxide or general (x3) = $2400

Free dentures are poorly made and often toxic, cheap materials. As a musician, I need custom dentures which continue to allow me to perform on the flute and horn, and to sing.

In addition, will need implants to anchor the dentures on the lower jaw and possibly the upper jaw. Implants are about $5000 per jaw. = $10,000

Average cost of dentures = $3,000

Total average estimated cost (it could end up higher) = $27,800

Cost to live while unable to work due to loss of teeth = $6000

Cost of taxes and fees on donations = ?


The first milestone is unfortunately very high at about $15,000 just to get all the extractions done via surgery and pay the GoFundMe fees plus make up for the loss of income.

At that point I could access the free dentures – which are not high quality enough to play flute, but would get me back to acting and singing in better paid gigs, then hopefully I’d have some chance at working to pay the rest and play flute again.

I’ve been trying to sell off some unneeded things, but no success so far.

In slightly better news, I’ve discovered I can play Tin Whistle because the air flow for that isn’t affected, so have been learning to play it for a week. It’s a little different than flute but much of the fingering is the same, and it sounds lovely on the Celtic ballads that make up most of my repertoire.

My income has dropped severely though as many people just sneer at me and keep walking, no matter how beautifully I sing and play Tin Whistle. Very thankful for people with EARS and good hearts who stop and give what they can!

I’m the same person I was before the teeth broke, but now it’s much less than minimum wage for the same work, just due to horrible prejudice against my appearance. I know how Susan Boyle felt going on that stage to be judged as less than worthy a person just because of her looks.

Update 2: April 14, 2016

Thank you so much for this outpouring of support! I’ve implemented reward levels and have sent out the $5 reward to most givers in appreciation. Have to come up with something else for a couple of you because you have that one already!

Today there was a knock on my door and this beautiful care package arrived, full of healthy organic soups and staples. That’s going to be so useful for recovery once I get some of the extractions needed later this month. Right now there’s still a couple of back teeth I can chew on even though they’re cracked too.

Feeling so overwhelmed and blessed right now by all your caring. <3

Update 1: April 8, 2016

Thank you so much for the support! Didn’t expect anything and am overwhelmed with thankfulness. Miss playing flute so much and really love my work so want to get back to it as soon as possible!

Will be sending out emails on Sunday with your gifts and a personal note.

A few people now have sent me this link for free dental care – not realizing that it’s only free for people in certain age groups. Under the rules I’m not qualified to receive the free care until I reach 65 years old:http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/contentonly?vgnextoid=51b74485d1210410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD

However there’s also been a couple of resources for lower cost dental care, so I’m researching that and hope that the full cost ends up less than what I’ve been quoted as a ballpark estimate by my regular dentist. Even “low cost” will still end up being several thousand dollars due to the scope of the work needed, so any donation is definitely appreciated!

Chagall Sierra is known as “Voice of an Angel” in Toronto for her enchanting soprano voice, similar to Enya, Loreena McKennitt, and Hayley Westenra. She is a busker (street musician) and official TTC Subway Musician, doing her best to earn a living from music by entertaining people for spare change.

This work has good days and bad days, and most days she barely covers her immediate bills. Unfortunately, there’s no benefits or health insurance for this type of position without paying extra, which she simply hasn’t been able to afford.

Without being able to work as a singer and flute player in the Subway she’ll just end up rotting on welfare instead of entertaining people in her job as a busker. However, the free dental care that exists is not available for people between the ages of 18 and 64. See article: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/01/24/dental-care-for-the-welfare-recipients-needs-work

Due to childhood malnutrition (adult teeth are formed during childhood,) and a lifetime of dental work not being covered, and bills barely being covered… and a few years when she was too sick from the neighbours’ smoke of various kinds to be able to take care of herself at all… two of her teeth recently broke off right at the gumline. She then discovered that all her teeth are cracked and breaking! Fixing them over the years has been piecemeal because nothing was covered. Teeth, like people, aren’t designed to stand alone.

All her teeth need to be removed! She’s only 37, and can’t play flute anymore until getting musician-grade dentures. Those are expensive.

In 2013 she prayed to God and began getting some help from her neighbours. Since then, she’s been getting stronger and stronger and has had a string of minor successes: She passed the audition for the official TTC Subway Musicians, revived a music project, started 2 new music projects, tried to start a community music education initiative, started a virtual label for promotion and community building around a particular indie music niche. She’s working very hard trying to build her career in order to get off assistance entirely.

The immediate need is for a couple of veils to cover the teeth up during performances so that people don’t recoil from even looking at her. (People have been crossing the street to avoid her since the second tooth broke off.) Hopefully then she can continue to work as a singer – however to play flute again she needs the full amount.

The estimate covers costs for extraction, implants to stabilize the dentures for flute performance, and dentures. As well, it covers the increased cost of soft foods along with the loss of income, fees and taxes.

At this point she’s so frustrated with the repeating dental troubles that she wants to never worry about missing work due to tooth infections again, but not even extraction is covered – unless it’s “an emergency” according to the government.

If she doesn’t get the full amount then she’ll get the cheapest dentures possible and harp lessons to be able to still earn a living as a musician without playing flute.

If you can spare a couple of bucks for Kanye, please consider sparing a couple of bucks to help this working musician. Any donation above $5 will receive a free download of her original Meditative World Fusion music album.

Thank you. Any bit helps at this point!