Vote for me! TTC Auditions

Vote for me! TTC Auditions

Wow, it’s that time again: TTC Auditions! Being part of the TTC Subway Musicians program has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve met several beautiful souls, learned some new repertoire, and gained prestige and experience with recording and performance opportunities. It’s pushed my musicianship to a new level.

With the donations people have given me I’ve been able to scrape together a very basic home studio setup based around the iPad, which will be complete in October with the addition of a pair of micro monitors. Being a recognized professional musician also led to the recent scholarship opportunity at Canada’s Music Incubator.

So it’s safe to say that this experience has been lifechanging.

Unfortunately due to the recurring unexplained vomiting illness I’ve been unable to capitalize on the opportunity enough to achieve making a living through music, and then found out that if I saved enough to fix my teeth it would make me homeless due to red tape. So I’m struggling to do all of this while deathly ill on a regular basis… made the video just 5 days after an especially severe bout of vomiting that lasted 3 days. My voice was awful just in time for the TTC auditions, yet I still got it together and made an entry.

Now that the studio is mostly set up I am working hard on arranging songs to take into the studio. Studio time and session musicians will still cost money, as will duplicating CDs to sell. Then I’ll have a chance at making a full living.

Ultimately I would like to move out of Toronto to somewhere with cleaner air, because the pollution here is in itself making me sick. But while I’m still here, I both LOVE and NEED TO busk to move forward.

This year, the TTC has gone American Idol with it’s audition format, so I really need your help. Please vote for me daily using this link. Votes are open until June 3rd! You can see my audition video there and share it with your friends.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

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As a child got beaten up for singing. Still singing. Occasionally get paid for singing. Take that, bullies!