Studio Improvements

Studio Improvements

Trying to make money with my music business in order to live and to repair my teeth means that business expenses have to happen sometimes. While working on the new Kirrivath album I noticed my mixing headphones were dead: no bass, at all. They’re still very crisp in the high end, but having that bass foundation is crucial especially for relaxation New Age type music which can be too “airy” without it! Since I don’t have a proper studio with a good room to even think of getting monitors, I got new mixing headphones. They’re very neutral and have beautiful clarity. Will still have to take my semi-final mix out to a few places to test, but these headphones will at least eliminate a lot of mistakes before even getting to that point.

Learning guitar enough to write for it is one of the long-term steps for Wingspell, in order to turn those songs into full arrangements. Fortunately, a guitarist friend had a spare amp, and my uncle gave me an electric-acoustic for Christmas a couple of years ago. So I just had to buy a power adapter for the amp and a couple of patch cords to make it usable. Will be able to plug the mic in too and get used to singing and playing at the same time. Am buying an iRig Lav mic in order to hook the Harp up to the iPad and do some experimental stuff. Both of these purchases are to improve long-term musical skills. I hope to be good enough to audition with the Harp next time there’s a busker audition – which is a couple of years from now.

Playing Tin Whistle now due to not playing Flute… and my original cheapo C whistle was driving me crazy. It’s out of tune with itself and takes a lot of repositioning my jaw and cheeks to change the airflow to even approximate being in tune… even then some notes really didn’t make it. After first purchasing a Sweetone D Whistle I’ve purchased a new C Whistle by the same company and it’s gorgeous! A couple of notes are just slightly out but it’s much easier to play and has a much louder, brighter, even tone! Once the teeth are fixed I will look into getting a professional-grade wooden Recorder. We all remember the cheap plastic ones from public school music programs right? Well, a good Recorder is actually a delightful instrument with a mediaeval soul.

Finally picked up a felt stick for the Singing Bowl, which produces a more beautiful sound than the wooden one which caused metallic scrape sounds very often. Also was taught a few lovely spiritual traditions for the meditation aspect of it from the Indian people running the store. Much gratitude.

So blessed with the love and support from you all. Although the next album is instrumental and I know you’re all looking for SONGS FEATURING MY VOICE, there’s a few more long-term plans going into place to make that happen, too! More news on that AFTER the Kirrivath album drops in September though.

Love and hugs,

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As a child got beaten up for singing. Still singing. Occasionally get paid for singing. Take that, bullies!