FAWM Over, Working on New Album

FAWM Over, Working on New Album

Looks like an instrumental concept album for Kirrivath is shaping up! It’s more Ambient than World Fusion this time around – but of course my beloved tribal drums must happen. (Even when I’m using rock drum samples.)

Also happy to have worked out more of my studio process and regained a very important piece of my old studio – the Kjaerhus Classic plugin set. It’s free, but the file from the official site wouldn’t install for me! Thankfully there was a working link to each individual plugin on a forum somewhere. Still one of the best plugin sets out there.

During FAWM 2016 I’ve created 4 original tracks of meditative new agey music, plus 5 lyrics for other projects. Sad that I didn’t finish with my usual 14 songs or 28 lyrics… but proud to have composed what is shaping up to be 4 pieces of a concept album. They’re rough tracks but it will give a sense of the final goal. You can listen on Soundcloud – or you can support on Patreon and hear some further work on the album!

Thanks again to my Patreon supporters, you enable me to work on music much more effectively! Since FAWM I’ve added two more pieces to the upcoming album, one final and one rough. These were composed long before FAWM but fit the concept beautifully. Using the ancient iPad in my compositional palette and recording toolbox is having a beautiful result so far and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it too.

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