FAWM2016 Journal #2

FAWM2016 Journal #2

Whoa wayyyyy behind on FAWM this year. Lost several days to toxicity. When I say days, I mean due to some weird smelling smoke and chemical smells was asleep over and over all day for 5 days of the past 9. Then when I was awake I didn’t really have a brain. Yeah, it’s called being a spoonie. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is no fun when you’re stuck living in an area where people use horribly toxic laundry detergents because they’re too poor to afford anything else. I can’t afford anything else but can’t afford to use the evil stuff – I HAVE to buy the expensive scent-free natural laundry detergents or my own clothing would make me sick! Then there’s the drugs smoked by my neighbours. If I could afford to move out somewhere in the country I would. Bit more difficult to busk out in the green but rather difficult to busk while sick and asleep, too. So there’s that.

Despite everything, 2 pieces of music completed to “good enough” draft versions. The second one,Through the Golden Door, is definitely a Kirrivath piece, ambient with tribal touches. It continues after the end of the first piece, using the same audio recorded from experiments in Stria. That makes it clear the first piece, Don’t Look Back ( to the World of Death), is also a Kirrivath piece, which will shape further development of it after FAWM. Both pieces are instrumentals and are not mastered, just rough drafts. Sorry, my beloved vocal voice fans! Soooooon there will be singing! Soooooooon.

2 lyrics written to give myself a holiday among all the stresssssss. Lyrics are so much easier. This is Toronto is a cute catchy thing and I can’t wait to put music to it. Wonder and Stars is inspired by Bowie and the other sad celebrity deaths recently. If you’re a Bowie fan maybe consider a collaboration on that one, it still needs music.

One percussion track laid out with full structure. Not quite happy with it but now that the Golden Door piece is born, can return to play with it some more.

You can follow my FAWM journey at http://fawm.org/fawmers/kirrivath

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