FAWM2016 Journal #1

FAWM2016 Journal #1

Prior to FAWM, I took part in a mini-contest via the iPad Musicians group on Facebook, and entered the first iPad track I’ve been happy to release publicly. Isolation Tower is an ambient scifi piece made in mostly Nanostudio. The RPM/FAWM Warmup Challenge was sponsored by the Olympia Noise Co, and we had to post a track on Soundcloud that was between 1-1.5 minutes, using the iPad as the main musical device. I’m very happy and proud to announce that 3 of us won in a 3-way tie. Myself, for Isolation Tower, Stu Noble for Like Winter’s Drops, and Grant Basma Horsnell for Palimpsest. You can listen to the whole contest playlist on Soundcloud.

Though all of Olympia Noise Co’s apps (Patterning, Ondes, and Chordion) were very tempting, for my prize I selected Patterning. It’s a drum app with a unique and innovative circular interface. I like to start either with lyrics or with drums then build out to the song.

It will be a wonderful new toy to play with for FAWM!

Speaking of FAWM:

Started work on a new track early morning of Feb 1st. Thought it was going to be for a specific song lyric I’d written last year, and structured it to fit. However when I went to add the piano part it just wouldn’t work.

Something more experimental happened and now I realize it’s not for that song at all. Right now there’s two possibilities for what it could be – there’s one Kirrivath track planned as an instrumental “prequel” to the next world music album which needs a harsher sound to it, or, it could be a Wingspell electronic/experimental rock piece.

Smoke entered my apartment so I was very sick and slept most of yesterday, even had to wear my mask in my own bed. Was too weak to get out and go for a walk. Now I’ve been up all night but my brain wasn’t working and I couldn’t settle to anything.

The track is about 1/3 done so I’m behind on FAWM already – the process needs to be 1 song every 2 days in order to get to 14 by the end of the month. Oh well. Writing music by inputting note by note into the piano roll is a lot more time-consuming than just being a piano or guitar virtuoso. I can’t expect the same speed as others.

I like to win, (quietly I have a type A overachiever personality,) so it’s difficult to maintain the attitude that I will still win overall by getting *anything* done towards the next musical projects. Breathe, relax, breathe…

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