A New Year of Music

A New Year of Music

Hello my shiny ones! Hope you all had wonderful holidays with lots of what makes life great – food, music, and laughter. I’m still not used to this whole family thing – after years of being homeless off and on because I basically had no family to speak of, reconnecting and doing family holiday things is simply weird. Good, just weird.

For Christmas I picked up the last piece needed for my home studio to make better demos – a CCK for the iPad. I’ve repeatedly noticed a hiss when recording into the computer and would have had to replace all the fans with a liquid cooling system or something. (My computer is quite old now at 4 years, and doesn’t have all the latest cool stuff going on.) With the CCK I can plug the mic into the iPad (via a USB audio device), and the hiss is gone. Yay!

Now I just need a really, really quiet place to record. My apartment has huge fans running all the time due to my allergies, and again, because I’ve got cheap solutions they’re not exactly the quietest ever. Might actually make the blanket fort studio fully blanketed!

Also, I can plug my MIDI keyboard into it now. (Which would be great if my piano skills weren’t rusty af.)

The iPad software collection is coming along. With the help of the iPad Musician group on Facebook I decided which software I wanted, then got a few things on very steep discounts as they came on sale. I’m not totally happy with the MIDI implementation I’ve got (as that, surprisingly, is a weak point in the iPad itself,) but will have to wait for the software I’ve got my eye on to go on sale. I’m mostly using Nanostudio as I love the ethereal pad sounds.

The Windows 7 computer studio is back up and running thanks to the donation of a HDD by a fan, with Reaper DAW and a bunch of great VSTs.

January is going to be a lot of preparation for February Album Writing Month (FAWM). For many, many years I wrote lyrics and not music, because I didn’t really have a studio setup that would allow me to record sketches. Now I have no excuse. This is terrifying.

My plan is to write music only for the first time. No lyrics.

This also means it’s the first year I can’t guarantee I’ll make it to 14 whole songs. Lyrics were so easy that I used to do a double challenge and write 28 in the month. (Of variable quality, of course!) Although it really is scary I have the excitement of playing with all the new iPad synth stuff to carry me through in a childlike frame of mind – the best for creativity!

Lots planned in the coming year, something for each musical project. Hope we all have the best of what 2016 has to offer in terms of health, prosperity, relationships, career development and fun!

Thanks for reading and much love,
~* Chagall Sierra *~

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