Released Christmas Demo

Released Christmas Demo

“What Child Is This” is one of my childhood favourites, set to the tune of Greensleeves.

Chagall Sierra is at #15 in Toronto and #85 in Canada for Folk music right now!

It’s so amazing to me to see these Christmas tunes climbing the charts so fast at Reverbnation. I barely ever pay attention to it, but checked in on my birthday and had hit #20 in the morning, #17 in the evening for the Toronto charts. Now I just keep checking!

Wow. Thank you for all the plays.

Recovered a short, live rehearsal version of “Away in a Manger” from 2008, so put that up too. It’s interesting to me to see how my voice has changed over the years, and especially since moving into this toxic building that made me very sick. My voice was much more steady and clear back then but is capable of more beauty now. The good moments are sublime yet there are more rough moments where (to me at least) it’s obvious I’m having some difficulty controlling it. That’s what I get for recording the vocals a mere 2 days after vomiting, I guess.

John Robbie did an amazing job with the recording engineering and the mastering. I’m so very thankful. He’s got a lovely studio and it was wonderful to record there.

Did you know that Greensleeves historically has at least THREE different, legit tunes associated with it? All three rise and fall in the same pattern but are in different modes – so the sharps and flats are different. I thought that was pretty cool.

Someone once told me I was singing it wrong, because they didn’t know it has so many melodies. One is Aeolian, one is Dorian, and one is Harmonic Minor. I knew about two of them before I did the research for this Demo, however it seems that since I was a child I was mixing the Dorian and Harmonic Minor versions together. I arranged the backing track on my computer before the hard drive crashed and I lost all of that work. Unfortunately that means it stays a Demo version for now as I’m not able to take the temporary flute part out to go record the real flute. It also needs a real violin. Delays kept happening and I was really working hard to make more than just one song. However, what’s really exciting is that it’s still being very well received! (The computer difficulties forced me to learn a lot about how to make music on a iPad, but that’ll be an article later on.)

I hope these Christmas songs will become part of your holiday memories the way they are part of mine. <3

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